Mark Pearson Programme Director TMSA Mark Pearson | Programme Director

Mark has been working as an economist for about thirty years, mainly in Africa. Previously he was the Programme Director of the Regional Trade Facilitation Programme (RTFP), both programmes being financed by the UK Department for International Development (DFID). As the director he has developed and supervised implementation of pro-poor trade programmes; acted as adviser to the WTO LDC Group; been involved in trade policy and trade facilitation efforts at a regional level; and been instrumental in developing and implementing the COMESA-EAC-SADC tripartite process.

As Regional Integration Adviser with COMESA he assisted in the implementation of the COMESA Free Trade Area and in the development of instruments to be used in the Customs Union. He was also instrumental in setting up the COMESA Fund; in developing the regional payments and settlement system; in developing the COMESA negotiating strategy for the ESA EPA; in coordinating the activities of the Regional Organisations in Eastern and Southern Africa; and in preparation of the Regional Strategy Paper and Regional indicative Programme.

Prior to working with COMESA, Mark worked for six years as an Adviser in the Zambian Ministry of Finance and Economic Development. He has also worked in Nigeria, Sudan and Northern Ireland.

Stella Mushiri Deputy Programme Director TMSA Stella Mushiri | Deputy Programme Director

Stella's core responsibilities include day-to-day management of programme activities and funds; the identification of projects to be implemented with the support of TMSA; the approval of project proposals, identification and contracting of service providers; managing contracts and monitoring the implementation of projects; providing support to the Tripartite Task Force and its sub-committees and managing the Trading for Peace programme.

Between 2002 and 2009 she managed the regional trade facilitation programme for the former RTFP. Stella has worked as a consultant to Chemonics International, Gemini Consulting and Ernst and Young and has also been attached to ZimTrade (1993-1998) and the Zimbabwe Confederation of Industries (1989 -1992).

She studied economics at the University of Zimbabwe.

Charles Chaitezvi Programme Manager TMSA: Customs and Trade-related Issues Charles Chaitezvi | Programme Manager: Customs and Trade-related Issues

Core responsibilities include overseeing implementation of the Comprehensive Tripartite Trade and Transport Facilitation Programme (with customs modernization being a major component), oversight on the standards and SPS programmes, supervision of the NTB’s monitoring and removal programme and support for the COMESA/EAC/SADC Tripartite cooperation programme in trade related issues.

Charles has been managing regional integration projects in COMESA and SADC Secretariats between 2000 and 2010. His area of focus was customs modernization, development of statistics systems and support for Customs Union processes in the two Regional Economic Communities.

He was Director of the Tariff Commission in Zimbabwe from 1998 to 2000 and also spent 17 years in the Zimbabwe Department of Customs and Excise leaving the Organization after attaining the position of Deputy Director.

Charles holds a Master in Business Administration degree from the University of Zimbabwe.

Fudzai Pamacheche Programme Manager TMSA: Trade Policy and Trade-related Issues Fudzai Pamacheche | Programme Manager: Trade Policy and Trade-related Issues

Core responsibilities include assisting SADC and COMESA with advancing their regional trade policy agreements, assisting the Tripartite Task Force with the finalisation of the FTA policy and its implementation and providing support to the Tripartite Trade and Customs sub-committee.

Previous work experience includes coordinating a UNDP trade capacity building programme, sponsored by the UNDP and the Republic of Korea, in partnership with the regional economic communities and six least developed countries (2007-2009); heading the Division for Private Sector Development, Investment and Resource Mobilisation in the Department of Economic Affairs at the Africa Union. He was instrumental in the creation of the Africa-European Union (EU) Business Forum and the drafting of the Africa-EU Joint Strategy. Fudzai was the first head of SADC's Directorate for Trade, Industry, Finance and Investment. He was attached to SADC from 1996 to 2005.

He studied economics at the University of Zimbabwe, graduating in 1982. He later obtained a post graduate degree in international relations from the same university.

John Patrick Donovan Programme Manager TMSA: Corridors John Patrick Donovan | Programme Manager: Corridors

John is responsible for managing the corridor infrastructure programme which is aimed at advancing the regional integration agenda of the Tripartite Task Force. This includes identifying infrastructure projects and coordinating their bankability. Other responsibilities include the establishment of one-stop border posts, aimed at improving operational efficiencies at border posts and along transport corridors.

Before joining TradeMark SA, John worked for Imani Development where he managed the North-South Corridor pilot aid for trade project between November 2007 and October 2009. John has extensive experience in transport engineering and project management issues having worked on transport and engineering projects in the United Kingdom, Kuwait, Botswana, DR Congo, Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Vietnam. He has worked with both Arcadis Euroconsult and WSP imc.

He studied civil and structural engineering at University College, Cardiff.

Lolette Kritzinger van Niekerk Lolette Kritzinger-van Niekerk | Programme Manager: Knowledge Management

Lolette Kritzinger-van Niekerk received an M Com (Economics) Cum Laude from the University of Pretoria, South Africa. She was senior lecturer, Department of Economics, at the University of Pretoria till 1988 and Associate Director of the Centre for Policy Analysis and Information, Development Bank of Southern Africa. She held the position of Economist in the DBSA’s Southern Africa Business Unit, before she joined the World Bank in 2000. At the World Bank, she was country economist for Botswana and Swaziland and then senior economist in the Bank’s Africa Regional Integration Department. She held this position till she left the World Bank in March 2008. She joined DFID Southern Africa in May 2008 as Regional Trade and Integration Advisor and during this time led the design of DFID’s TradeMark Southern Africa programme. Since October 2011, she has joined TradeMark Southern Africa as Programme Manager for Knowledge Management.

She has worked on regional integration in Africa in the context of policy formulation and implementation as well as on inter-governmental fiscal relations and macroeconomics in South Africa and its customs union neighbours. She served as advisor to the South African government on a range of foreign economic policy issues and to SADC on regional financial integration. She has published extensively in various fields of economics. She is member of a number of SA and international professional associations and, in SA, she has been a member of the Central Council of the Economic Society of South Africa for seven years, which included a two-year term as Vice-President.

Vonesai-Hove.jpg Vonesai Hove | Non-Tariff Barriers Expert

As administrator, Vonesai has been involved in the design and management of the Tripartite Online NTBs Reporting and Monitoring Mechanism. Core responsibilities include managing the Tripartite NTBs Monitoring and Eliminating programme, managing the NTBs website, processing all complaints received into the online system and working closely with REC Secretariats towards creating capacity in COMESA; EAC and SADC Member states for monitoring and eliminating NTBs.

Vonesai managed the NTBs monitoring and eliminating programme in SADC Secretariat between 2008 and 2010. She has held senior positions in the Ministry of Industry and Trade in Zimbabwe, responsible for coordinating and negotiating bilateral and regional trading agreements for 15 years. Her 10 year attachment to ZimTrade gained her valuable experience in trade and market development for regional exports. As board member, she was instrumental in the establishment of the Zimbabwe Cross Border Traders Association in 2000.

Vonesai holds a Master in Business Administration degree from the Zimbabwe Open University.

Jennifer Rathebe Regional Standards Expert TMSA Jennifer Rathebe | Regional Standards Expert

Jennifer Rathebe is responsible for overseeing the regional standards component of the TMSA programme which aims to assist southern African countries to improve their long-term ability to meet standards and requirements for agricultural exports - thereby enhancing their ability to trade within the region and internationally.

Jennifer has more than 25 years’ experience in food safety and food standard setting and currently serves as non-executive director on the Board of the South African National Accreditation System.

Jennifer holds a B.Sc degree (Chemistry and Biology) from the University of Keele (UK) and an M.Sc (Chemistry) from the University of Salford (UK).

Judith-Fessehai-cropped.jpg Judith Fessehaie, Ph.D. | Industrial Development Expert

Core responsibilities include providing technical support to the Tripartite Industrial Development sub-committee and assisting with the implementation of its work programme, and providing technical support to the COMESA, EAC and SADC in their industrial development agendas.

Judith’s previous work experience includes consultancy and research work at the Policy Research on International Services and Manufacturing (PRISM) unit, University of Cape Town (2010-2012), a long-term advisory position at the Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry in Zambia (2007-2010), and the ODI Economist/Fellowship position at the Trade and Investment Unit, Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat (2004-2006).

Judith holds a PhD degree (Economics) from the University of Cape Town, and a MA degree (Development Economics) from the University of East Anglia.

Kingsley Chanda | Trade Facilitation Expert TMSA Kingsley Chanda | Trade Facilitation Expert

This position assists the COMESA region to advance work aimed at improving the efficiency of trade flows across border crossings and increasing the implementation by COMESA member states of harmonised trade facilitation instruments. Specific responsibilities include promoting the adoption of integrated border management systems by COMESA countries; monitoring the implementation of the Chirundu one-stop border post and providing inputs into projects aimed at converting selected key border posts into OSBPs. Support is also given to the WTO LDC Group, through Zambia.

Lovemore Bingandadi SADC Corridors Expert TMSA Lovemore Bingandadi | SADC Corridors Expert

Lovemore assists the SADC and COMESA regions to advance on-going work aimed at improving operational efficiency of transport corridors, thereby improving the flows of traded goods. Specific responsibilities include coordinating the implementation of the SADC Corridor Strategy; providing input into the development of SADC's transport master plan; liaising with the COMESA Secretariat on the development and implementation of the COMESA Project Implementation Plan so as to ensure the SADC master plan and the PIP are harmonised and assisting with the establishment of corridor monitoring groups, where appropriate.

Maggy-Tladi.jpg Maggie Tladi | Customs and Trade Facilitation Expert

Core responsibilities include provision of technical support on Customs and Trade Facilitation activities.

Maggie’s previous experience includes providing advisory service on international customs and trade facilitation work. She worked for the South African Revenue Service (SARS) for almost 6 years, as the Advisor on International Customs; and later as the Manager responsible for regional and international customs activities. She holds a Masters (MPHIL) degree in SA Politics and Political Economy from the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. She is currently enrolled for the Masters of Commerce in Trade Law and Policy at the University of Cape Town.

Sydney Chibbabbuka Sydney Chibbabbuka | Customs and Border Processes Expert

Sydney is a Customs and trade facilitation specialist. His experience includes providing technical assistance on border management and trade facilitation to the East African Community (EAC) where he was also involved in coordinating activities for the establishment of a Single Customs Territory for the EAC Customs Union. Previously, Sydney also consulted for UK’s Crown Agents through the provision of technical support to the EAC Secretariat during the revision of the regional Customs procedures for implementation under the EAC Customs Union.

Sydney was also a consultant on the Chirundu One Stop Border Post (OSBP) project between Zimbabwe and Zambia where he coordinated the Baseline Study and was actively involved in the design of processes and procedures for the OSBP. He also worked for the Customs Division of the Zambia Revenue Authority as an Assistant Commissioner at various posts and at the headquarters. Sydney studied at the University of Zambia and the University of Birmingham in UK.

Wim van Schalkwyk | Information Systems Expert

Wim van Schalkwyk is involved with various initiatives relating to information and knowledge management systems within TMSA, as well as its Regional Economic Community partners (COMESA, EAC and SADC).

Current activities include

  • optimization of organisational business processes and implementation of various business systems (including Sharepoint, web application development, contract lifecycle management system, etc.);
  • development of a regional transport corridor simulation model, using ARENA;
  • application of GPS tracking technologies in the tracking of border crossing and corridor performance;
  • development of a regional web-based GIS portal to showcase geo-spatial and other information for regional transport corridors;
  • development of monitoring and evaluation strategies for the TMSA programme;
  • general support to all aspects of the programme (trade policy, trade facilitation, corridors & infrastructure and industrial developement).
Jean.jpg Jean van Schalkwyk | Communications

TMSA Communication expert, managing TMSA external communication channels and providing general support in the area of design and branding. Jean also supports a number of regional organizations in the areas of branding and communication.

Calson-TMSA.jpg Calson Mbegabolawe | Tripartite Coordinator - SADC

Core responsibilities are aimed at supporting and facilitating SADC Secretariat and member states to negotiate and conclude the Tripartite FTA. Calson has an experience of 28 years working in the public sector, regional and international organisations across a spectrum of trade and economic development fields. He has held both technical (expert) and managerial positions providing trade policy advice, analysis, negotiation and implementation; trade development, promotion and facilitation; programme management, monitoring and evaluation; institutional and skills capacity building. He served as Trade Attaché (Negotiator) at Zimbabwe’s Mission in Geneva; Deputy Director, Ministry of International Trade and Industry (Zimbabwe); Regional Trade Advisor for the Commonwealth Secretariat’s Hub and Spokes Programme – COMESA (Zambia); Coordinator for the Programme for strengthening African Capacity for Trade (PACT II) at ITC (Geneva) focusing on COMESA, ECCAS and ECOWAS regions. Calson holds an MSc (Econ) from the Moscow Peoples Friendship University.

James-Mwansa-Musonda.jpg Mwansa James Musonda | Senior Trade Advisor - COMESA Secretariat

Mwansa James Musonda is the Senior Trade Advisor for TMSA at the COMESA Secretariat.

Munshya Zoya Masocha | Financial Accountant

Zoya is a qualified Chartered Management Accountant with more than 10 years’ experience in managing accounts for donor funded projects in COMESA. She is responsible for accounting and financial management of TMSA funds. She has worked as Project Accountant for ADB, USAID and DFID Programmes and is also currently heading the COMESA Secretariat Budgeting and Reporting Unit where she is responsible for preparing the annual budget, monthly management accounts, annual financial statements and for liaising with both the Internal Auditors and the External Auditors

Deon Fourie Deon Fourie ⎪ Economic Research Analyst

Deon Fourie graduated from the University of South Africa in 2010 with a degree in B.Com Economics with specialization in Financial Management (Cum Laude). After various part-time jobs during his educational years and a brief period as a Verifications Analyst at EMEX Trust, Deon joined the National Treasury of South Africa in 2011, where he worked in the Provincial Government Infrastructure unit and thereafter joined the International Finance and Development division.

Since 2011 Deon has also continued to further his studies as a part-time student at UNISA where he is currently studying B.Com Honours in Economics with Specialisation in Strategic Management. Deon joined TradeMark Southern Africa in June 2012 as an Economic Research Analyst.

Zodwa.jpg Zodwa Mabuza | Tripartite Coordinator - COMESA

Zodwa’s core responsibilities entail coordinating the on-going TFTA negotiations at the COMESA Secretariat. She joined TMSA in May 2013 after working for the Federation of Employers and Chamber of Commerce in Swaziland for nine years, representing the interests of the private sector in Swaziland, in the region and internationally on matters relating to trade, regional integration and labour markets. She started her career in 1995 as an Economist in the Government of Swaziland working for various Ministries, among which included the Ministries Education and Training, Agriculture and Economic Planning and Development.

Zodwa holds a Master of Science degree in International Trade and Finance from Lancaster University in the United Kingdom and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and Statistics from the University of Swaziland.

Our Team | TradeMark Southern Africa

Early Closure of TMSA Programme: The Secretary of State of the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) has decided to terminate its financial contribution to TradeMark Southern Africa (TMSA), as announced on 4 December 2013. As DFID is the sole financier of the TMSA programme of support to the COMESA-EAC-SADC Tripartite, TMSA will officially be closed from 17 March 2014 instead of 31 October 2014. For more information about the TMSA closure, and for a summary of some of the more notable successes of the Tripartite achieved with TMSA support, please click here