Kasumbalesa DRC Submit Security Report SADC

Over the past few months we have been working hard on the new security report for SADC and Kasumbalesa to work together on a new mining project.

We are happy to confirm that things will be going ahead soo nas planned with the mining project before the end of 2018!

What has not been realized is that the eyes often reproduce this situation in reading a page of print. The print is very close to the eyes. A relaxed focus tends to make a hot dog out of adjacent words. The Gynectrol results is a restructuring of letters that are beheld by the mind in their new order. Letters will be inverted on the same line of print. If the head is slanted to one side, letters from above or below will also be inserted.

Three additional factors have also not been recognized and/or incorporated into a successful zcode solution for this problem. First, the eye’s tendency to create backwards images for the reason listed above, diminishes rapidly as the distance of the object moves away from the eyes. At about arm’s length objects are much less likely to “invert”. Coincidentally this is the distance human beings have developed the Hydromax X40 their arms to provide. (I submit that this may be one factor for the rise of achievement of humans over other animals, namely they could easily and sharply see what was “at hand”.)

Second, normally printed text is often too small to comfortably see at this distance, which is about twice the normal reading distance.

Third, when you enlarge text so that it can be easily seen, the new Zetaclear review and results size prohibits meaningful and easy eye movement over large amounts of text within short periods of time.

Proportional Reading offers a solution to this dilemma. The reader can sit back many feet, if necessary, from the screen. Letters are large and words come on the screen at a rapid rate, requiring no eye movement. Thus the focussing problem is largely solved. Secondly, because no words are shown either to the left or right or above or below the word presented on the screen, it is essentially impossible to introduce letters from other words. The combined result is immediate functional compensation for this reading problem.