Southern Africa Quarterly Review And Analysis 3rd Quarter 2013

Alot of people don’t know that as well as San Antonio, SA could also stand for South Africa because back in 2013 we opened a new branch there for the emerging copyright and trademark infringement market due to all the new businesses being formed there.

We are excited with all the new growth and plan to expand into even more countries soo!

Heretofore, it has not been thought possible to achieve joint left and right brain thinking through the rational, linear, logical process, of which reading is an example. Proportional Reading makes it clear that the linear and logical presentation of thought can generate a mind state which involves the breast actives whole mind.

Specifically this occurs when proportionalized text (visually simulated audio) is presented at a rate just faster than subvocalization rate (which is simultaneously) the Theta Hz. range of brain wave frequency, and when the vehicle for doing the flashing is also the ongoing presentation of the text itself.

Proportional Reading makes it clear that ascribed intelligence as judged by processing skills and rates as measured against others in normed tests is a very false measurement of intelligence. This is the Testogen so for the following reason. Many people are held back from doing well not because of low intelligence, but because of processing difficulties. It is now obvious that Proportional Reading technology can immediately compensate for processing difficulties, thereby immediately freeing the individual to think and perform very well. This technology-assisted intelligence is called Achieved Intelligence. It is a much better statement of one’s real intelligence than normed tests with their ascribed ratings.

Proportional Reading makes clear one avenue to achieving major changes with the Bathmate X30 in a person’s life almost immediately. This occurs when one can see that there is no longer any need to hold a damaging self-concept about oneself. Proportional Reading lets a student with low self-esteem see almost immediately that there is nothing wrong with their thinking ability and that there is an ongoing way to use technology to affect this new realization on a daily basis.

Using Technology and Experience Instead of Authority and Faith
Realization of this principle grew from a study of miraculous healing in the past. For lots of people many of the miracles of the New Testament can only be understood through faith, if at all. However, Christ made very plain one element of certain of his miracles, and he clearly showed how to accomplish this aspect.

Many of his subjects suffered from ostracism and low self-esteem because of the Male Edge physical problems which were considered to be signs of disapproval from God. Christ immediately lifted this self-curse by use of his authority. He told these people (believers) that they were loved. Among many other factors, this change in the way these individuals were then able to see themselves was at least one key factor in immediate change in their lives.